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Cycling in the Gorinchem region

Hotel Goud en Zilver is happy to give you tips about Gorinchem and the Gorinchem region. When you visit our hotel, there are many fun activities that you can plan. In this article you can read about the most beautiful cycling routes in the Gorinchem region.

Biesbosch National Park

De Biesbosch is a protected nature reserve that has had the status of a national park since 1994. The beautiful surroundings of De Biesbosch can be explored perfectly by bike. The park is a dream for real nature and cycling lovers. The area consists of a maze of small rivers, willow forests and whimsical creeks with crystal-clear water. The nature of the Biesbosch itself is therefore best experienced from the water in a boat or canoe. In the area surrounding the National Park, one can enjoy the beautiful surroundings with old dykes, small villages and a watery environment.

Click here for the cycle route of National Park the Biesbosch.

River Linge

The Linge is the longest river in the Netherlands and flows in the Betuwe from Doornenburg to Gorinchem. The Linge landscape is largely protected and falls under Natura 2000: the network of protected nature in Europe. The river is most beautiful between Gorinchem and Geldermalsen. The winding road through flat Rivierenland introduces you to intimate dike villages and the many fruit trees lining the road.

Click here for the ANWB cycle route.

Loevestein Castle

Loevestein Castle is a national monument dating back to the Middle Ages and surrounded by beautiful nature. The rich history of this historic castle spans some 650 years. The escape of Hugo de Groot in a bookcase is only a fraction of the history of Slot Loevestein. Enthusiastic guides will gladly tell you more about the history of the castle and its fortifications. Apart from its history, the surroundings of Loevestein Castle also have much to offer. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful and varied nature reserve with clay pits and various plants and animals. Cycling through the area, you have a beautiful view of Slot Loevestein and the river. A visit to Slot Loevestein or its surroundings can easily be planned in your cycling tour.

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The Dutch Waterline

The Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie is a unique historical line of defence dating from 1815. The line is 85 kilometres long and consists of around fifty forts and five fortified towns. In the past, the line served as a defence with water as its weapon. Nowadays, the Waterline has a new function as a cultural-historical experience. It is a beautiful area where history can be experienced to the full. In 2019, the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie hopes to be included on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Click here for the cycle route of Nederland fietsland.

Have you become enthusiastic about the beautiful surroundings of Gorinchem and its region? Or are you looking for an address to stay overnight during your multi-day cycling tour? Come and stay at hotel Goud en Zilver in Gorinchem. We are a bicycle friendly address. Bicycles can be stored safely and free of charge. We will be happy to give you further tips about the most beautiful places in the area.

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Breakfast at La Kantina restaurant

Before you start your cycling tour, you can enjoy a complete and fresh breakfast in our breakfast restaurant La Kantina. Here we serve a fresh, homemade and extensive breakfast from the buffet for €22.50 p.p. You can choose from coffee, tea and fresh orange juice. You can also choose from, for example, a yoghurt bowl with fresh fruit and eggs prepared to your liking.

If you have special wishes or allergies, please let us know in advance.

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