Goud & Zilver is established in Gorinchem, an old fortified town in the South of the Netherlands, located on both the Linge as the Boven-Merwede river. Our location is situated in a lively shopping street in the historic city center and surrounded by ancient ramparts, build in the 17th century. Gorinchem is a city with an authentic look and feel due to the many remainings from former centuries. The compact historic city center is at a walking distance from our location and offers many activities. Discover the ancient ramparts, visit a museum, go shopping, enjoy a coffee on a terrace or get an outstanding meal in one of the nearby restaurants. You can also stroll along several galleries, antique dealers and studios which are combined into a cultural route.




The area also offers some magnificent nature and sights. The Biesbosch, for example, is located nearby. The Biesbosch is one of the largest, valuable natural areas in the Netherlands, a green maze with several rivers, islands and a vast network of narrow and wide creeks. You can get a fresh breath of air during a walk on the Merwede river or take a ferry to discover one of the surrounding villages or Slot Loevestein, an ancient castle. You can park your car outside on a nearby located parking area named Buiten de Waterpoort for a fee of € 3,00 per day. You can also choose to park your car in parking garage Groenmarkt. For more information click hereOn this page we name a few of the activities we recommend you to visit. 



De Biesbosch

The Biesbosch National Park is one of the few freshwater tidal areas of the world. Several rivers come together to form a freshwater delta of approximately 8,000 hectares. The nature reserve is subjected to the influence of the tides and has unique flora and fauna. The leisure facilities are set up in such a way that you will have everything you need, and sit back to see nature take its course without disturbance. The beaver is the most remarkable animal of the Biesbosch. By now these rodents have built over a hundred lodges in the Biesbosch wetlands. In addition, hundreds of bird species are breeding in the area as well, including some 20 pairs of kingfishers. The sea eagle is a frequent guest, being spotted in the area throughout the year. The Biesbosch is truly a water paradise. For more information about the Biesbosch click here.


Woudrichem is located nearby Gorinchem and is accessible via the ferry. Woudrichem is a village with a historic center with a gothic church. In the modern city-center, you will find several shops Some other highlights to visit are The Gevangenpoort (ramparts), Molen Nooit Gedagt (a windmill) and the fortifications Oud Nederlands. You can also enjoy an excellent dinner at the Kruiden en Jasmijn restaurant. The restaurant is situated nearby the ancient ramparts and offers an amazing atmosphere and surrounding. Kruiden en Jasmijn will stand out as a culinary highlight during your stay. For more information about Woudrichem click here. For more information about Kruiden en Jasmijn click here.

Castle Loevestein

In 1361, a knight called Diederic Loef of Horne (Dutch: Dirc Loef van Horne) built a castle in the middle of the Dutch countryside where the Meuse (Dutch: Maas) and Waal rivers converged. At the time, this was a perfect location for levying tolls. Today, it’s the ideal spot for a day out with friends, family or colleagues. Loevestein is a water castle that was built between 1357 and 1368. At first it was a simple square brick building, used to charge toll from trading vessels using the rivers. In the 16th century (around 1575, orders given by William the Silent) it was expanded to a larger fortress surrounded by earthen fortifications with two (later three) stone bastions on the northern side, two moats, an arsenal, and housing for a commander and soldiers. The Castle was also part of the Hollandic Water Line. For more information about Slot Loevestein click here.

De Linge

The Linge bicycle trip is a perfect way to experience the longest river of the Netherlands, De Linge. This beautiful river,and in particular the part between Gorinchem and Leerdam, is an amazing natural highlight you should discover. This part of the Linge offers stunning views with small authentic Dutch villages and breathtaking nature. You will ride along the Linge both on the north as the southside. On the way to the turningpoint in Leerdam you will encounter villages as Spijk, Heukelum, Enspijk and Deil. On the way back to Gorinchem you will see small villages situated at the river dikes. This bicycle trip is the perfect way to discover the river, the natural surroundings and traditional Dutch villages and atmosphere. For more information about the bicycle trip click here.

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