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The philosophy behind hotel Gold and Silver

Entrepreneur and also founder of hotel Goud en Zilver in Gorinchem, Bert Roubos, visited various parts of the world for his work for many years. Therefore, he knows from experience that after a tiring flight or long day of work, there is nothing as nice as being able to relax in a nice hotel room. A place where you can relax and recharge yourself for the next long (working) day. Unfortunately, the often high prices of hotel rooms are no guarantee for relaxation, hospitality and a moment to relax in comfort.

"In many hotels, hospitality and a warm welcome are missing. You often get the key to your room pressed coldly into your hand. I therefore wanted to create a place where people feel at home. Hospitality must be the top priority," says Bert Roubos.

Because of Bert's travel experience(s), he knows exactly what a hotel needs. But also what makes a stay special, a stay you will not easily forget and which makes you want to return on a regular basis.

"A few years ago, I stayed in a small hotel in Costa Rica. When I arrived, I was personally welcomed by the owner. He invited me to have a drink with his wife. While the sun was slowly setting, he told me interesting stories about the area that you won't easily find in a travel guide. A special experience that has stayed with me for years.

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Besides travelling, Bert Roubos has another great passion: design and interior design. For years, he has been active in the field of design and art. At the request of various clients, he has furnished several houses with his expertise. The love for interiors is therefore unmistakable at hotel Goud en Zilver. After all, according to Bert Roubos, nothing is more annoying than staying in a hotel room without any atmosphere.

Finally, in 2015, Bert Roubos converted his knowledge and experience into a special concept: Hotel Goud en Zilver in Gorinchem.


The mission of hotel Gold and Silver

"To provide our guests with an unforgettable stay through personal attention and hospitality."

We are now a year on and our formula is a great success. We have welcomed guests from Japan, Australia and Brazil, among others. Judging by the reviews and e-mails we receive from our guests afterwards, we can modestly conclude that our mission has been successful.

And we are proud of it!

Mission accomplished! And now?

Recently, Goud en Zilver opened a fourth suite at a special waterfront location in Gorinchem. And there is more news, we are going to expand further. Two new suites will be opened soon.

We have also recently La Kantina opened where our guests can enjoy a fully catered breakfast in peace and quiet. Here you can enjoy delicious Italian coffee, freshly baked bread or a fried egg. Everything is prepared with love and care by my own sister, Annemarie.

Of course, it does not stop there. Our challenge remains to keep raising Gold and Silver to a higher level. We also have plans to establish our concept in other places in the Netherlands. So keep a close eye on our website.

Are you also looking for a special experience? We hope to welcome you soon at Gold and Silver in Gorinchem.